A man in a suit and a female doctor are looking at a clipboard

Why choose C4Med?

The Medical Billing Company that can be trusted to efficiently take care of the financial administration of your business, so that you can focus on your patients’ care.

Who’s behind C4Med

  • We’re experts in our field, just like you
  • Being exceptional at what we do is our guiding principal
  • Restless in our approach, we’re always striving to do better
  • Communication is critical – so you get information and
    support when you want it
  • Integrity is essential – and we enhance your practice

What drives us

  • We enjoy what we do
  • We thrive on using our experience and expertise to help others
  • It gives us satisfaction to see you grow
  • It’s professionally rewarding to develop the best systems for our partners
  • We love exceeding your expectations
  • We strive always to be the best
  • Our market-dominating results spur us on to achieve more

How will C4Med benefit you?

We’ll be acting as an extension of your business but because we’re outsourced, we work around the clock, all year round – freeing you from backlogs, delayed processing and staff-related issues.

  • Smoother, more timely cashflow
  • Higher net income as a consequence – up to 30% more pa
  • A reduction of your aged bad debt
  • Negligible new debt – ie less than 0.04%
  • An astute bad debt provision for healthy accounting
  • A bespoke practice management system that seamlessly underpins your business
  • A secure platform with strict protocols that you can always access
  • A suite of versatile reporting tools tailored to your needs
  • Streamlined invoicing and integrating with insurers means superior payment handling
  • Dashboard graphics to see latest data with ease
  • Professional financial relationships with your patients and contacts
  • Outstanding customer service – for you, for your contacts and for your patients
  • Transparency from us and continuous support when you need it
  • A dedicated account manager for advice – we pride ourselves on our responsiveness
  • More time for you to excel at what you do best
  • Scheduled updates to your media devices
  • Peace of mind