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What we do

C4Med handles all aspects of invoicing, processing payments and recovering outstanding debt, simultaneously capturing a wealth of information in relation to each process.

Combining medical billing experience, financial expertise and deep knowledge of digital systems, C4Med’s platform is at the cutting edge of medical billing and debt recovery.

Technically skilled and industry savvy, we build the right system for you then dovetail our platform with your practice.

You can keep on top of processes and see what’s happening in any area of your practice - or manipulate your information to generate reports, view dashboards and perform analysis.

But we’re ‘people’ people and use that strength to work with your patients, their insurers and legal advisors, diplomatically and effectively.

In the short term, C4Med brings you clarity, efficiency and boosted revenues.

And once you’ve entrusted us with your business and seen how we work and deliver, our greatest asset is that we give you peace of mind.

Medical Billing

Intuitively designed for easy, streamlined billing as you work.
Our powerful systems are rapid, accurate, versatile and electronically secure.

  • Appointments can be invoiced as part of the consultation process so bills are prepared in step with every patient being seen
  • Electronically secure, rapid and strategically linked, our systems get payments authorised within minutes of raising an invoice
  • We make the financial side of your practice as effortless and streamlined as it should be
  • Powerful reporting tools keep you on top of your billing processes and top-line graphics show dashboards at a glance

Payment Collection

Our sophisticated platform hosts channels dedicated to collecting payments from each type of income stream
C4Med’s connected approach boosts net income by upto 30% pa.

  • Our dedicated teams and facilities are therefore geared to collecting payments from the various sources you deal with :
    • Private medical insurance companies
    • Patients paying their own fees
    • Legal representatives
    • Embassies
  • Our system is directly connected with the major insurers for speed and flow – ensuring electronic invoices get authorised and paid within minutes
  • Our approach eliminates slow processing, payment delays and poor cashflow
  • Our practitioners’ net income jumps up as a result – by as much as 30% pa

Debt Recovery

Experienced at sensitive debt recovery, we successfully recover outstanding sums
Our systems keep new debt levels at less than 0.5%.

  • Most doctors and consultants have some unrecovered debt on their books – outstanding fees from aged debtors can be hard to retrieve
  • Tracing old debtors is one of C4Med’s specialities, as is developing repayment plans so these sums can be collected on your behalf
  • Using diplomacy, we negotiate the systematic reduction of your debt and recoup what’s possible
  • Always mindful that we work for you, we uphold both your reputation and ours
  • Once C4Med’s systems are in place, any new debt will be negligible (less than 0.5%).
    Because we’ll be managing your billing and payments to keep cashflow healthy and stopping new debt from the get-go.