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Status Reports & Dashboards

Via C4Med’s secure login facility, you can access your account at any time to get current data. Our platform gathers your billing, debt and payment information as it’s processed, then gives you a range of powerful reporting tools to analyse the billing status of your practice.

We’ll provide a range of typical reports and we can set up any additional functions you require.

Our support is always on hand to help you use these tools and to get the most from your system.

Medical Billing

Invoices Issued

See a complete list of the invoices created on your behalf or customise your report using one or several criteria to filter your data (eg by location, by consultant, by date, etc):

  • by group
  • by location
  • by date (including by date range, month by month or year on year)
  • by referral
  • by insurance company
  • by self-paying patients

Billing Analysis

The versatility of our reporting features gives you the flexibility to perform analysis tailored to your practice (eg. by procedure, by consulting room, by date, etc).

Adjustments Report

This report collates all adjusted invoices and payments, in summary or detail, and by adjustment type, to simplify reconciliations between your practice, the insurance companies and your patients.

Payment Collection

Reconciliation Report

Each week, see all payments made to your accounts – individually or in summary – and match amounts to invoices so that sums can be reconciled… Or analyse this information using various tools such as location, payment type and date ranges.

Payments Received

To see payments by location and referral, the Payments Received report will give summaries and detailed invoice data by payment type, for example.

Income Payments Received

For more layered analysis, Income Payments Received gives payments received within date ranges while showing month-by-month comparisons.

Debt Recovery

Debt Report & Aged Debt Report

See a summary of your red status invoices or analyse this information by specific criteria such as date ranges, broken down by insurance company or individual invoices.

This functionality exists for both overdue invoices and your aged debts.

Analysis Reports

For information sorted according to several criteria, our standard reporting suite includes :

Payments Received Analysis

Understand your received payments better with this summary report which lets you analyse payments by multiple criteria, such as by insurance company, referral, location and date.

Bespoke Marketing Reports

Analyse whichever aspects of patient activity you’d like to capture in a marketing report entirely customised to your practice – we’ll ask you to specify what you’d like when we set up your reporting functions initially.

Detailed Practice View

See your practice’s activity in detail by viewing specific patients, clinics, procedures, practitioners and theatre lists, cross-referenced by date, location, referral or insurance company, for deeper analysis and understanding of your workflow and revenue streams.