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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the set up process work?

C4Med uses a carefully designed platform that caters to every eventuality of the medical billing industry. We capture all the relevant details that will be needed immediately or in the future so we can set up your practice using the operation and business rules you require.

And, once the contract is signed, we will notify the insurance companies that we act on your behalf and assign you an account manager who will be dedicated to your practice as regards billing, collections and all your reporting needs.

Do you clear my aged debt?

Yes, we do. C4Med’s platform enables us to treat any old debts as a priority which means we start our chase process from the moment you join. Part of our offering is the recouping of unpaid invoices so that you can receive settlement.

How does C4Med’s billing process work?

When we set up your account, we will use the C4Med platform to create price lists and specify payment terms for each type of customer, paying special attention to the insurers so that, from the outset, you will meet their guidelines while satisfying your business requirements. Thereafter, billing will follow these designated rules until you wish to change them, making the process automatic and reducing inputting errors.

When you wish to raise an invoice, use whatever method suits you – via email, by logging on to your account, by post or by fax – though the ease and streamlined processes we offer are designed to make this a natural extension of your practice so we hope you will take full advantage of our software. As soon as we receive your notification, we’ll raise an invoice. Job done.

How does C4Med handle payment reconciliations?

C4Med’s platform reconciles all insurance payments electronically at the time of receipt and updates the payments report to show these remittances as they arrive. This method makes it easy for practices to match payments with claims for quick, effortless reconciliation.

When handling payments received from self-funding customers - by cheque, debit card and credit card - C4Med reconciles these amounts within the platform and then transfers monies electronically to a practice's bank account.

How does C4Med’s collection process work?

We aim to achieve less than 0.4% of bad debts across our portfollio of customers.

C4Med prides itself on our experienced staff and robust processes in following the work cycle through to collecting payments. In addition, our innovative billing platform is designed to accept card payments at the time of chasing invoices which makes receiving remittances easier and quicker. However, should we need to resort to using debt collectors, we will only do this once all other options are exhausted and with a practice’s explicit consent.

How do you transfer the funds to my account?

We aim to transfer all a practice’s monies, including insurance payments, directly via BACS to the practice's bank account.

Where that isn’t possible, C4Med collects all other payments on behalf of the practice and we transfer these promptly to the practice’s bank account.

What reports can I expect from C4Med?

When it comes to reporting, C4Med puts a practice's management in control… Log in to our powerful platform and look at your data using any criteria you choose : invoice dates, payment dates, lists of issued invoices, settled and outstanding invoices, breakdowns of your payments, insurance breakdowns, aged debts, the most up-to-date reconciliation information at the time of login or location details… the choice is yours and you can filter information as you require.

In addition, each week C4Med will send a batch of automated reports directly to your email address to keep you informed, all of which can be downloaded to a spreadsheet.

What are C4Med’s charges?

Unlike our competitors, there is no set up fee.

C4Med charges a percentage of your invoices and this fee is only applicable once payments have been received. What’s more, our fee is flexible and is determined by the size of your business.

How does C4Med perform for a group practice?

C4Med’s innovative billing platform allows us to cater for any requirement, which is particularly useful when looking after consultants who work both inside a group as well as having their own independent practices.

In these situations, it can be hard to deal with insurance companies who typically make payments into just one account. However, C4Med’s platform excels in ensuring that all payments are reconciled and that appropriate amounts are transferred to the correct accounts.

Should you have any queries, our experienced and highly skilled team are on hand to help you get the most out of C4Med’s exceptional processing tools to ensure the day-to-day running of your practice is free of billing stress.